Artist’s Statement

The creative process is to put the puzzle together. I catch the pieces and patterns which are hidden in plain sight. This moment of insight is very exciting and guiding. Now I have to shape, create, materialize the idea.

The main thing for me is not a method or technique of execution, but a vision. Photography is a tool, I tell my story with their help like words. Then this story is yours, it allows you to see my Universe or look into your own.


Eva Vasilyeva is a Paris-based photographer. Born into a multinational family with Russian, Ukrainian, Mordovian, and Belarusian roots, the artist believes that there are no boundaries that determine where to live, what to do, who to love, and what to believe. As a commercial photographer, she started in 2012 in Venice, Italy. In parallel, she gradually moved towards contemplative photography. 

Eva’s artwork is about the relationship between reality and our perception of it. She believes that metaphors exist when there is a connection between the object and oneself — she aims to find and show them. Being passionate about literature, she mixes and combines the creative techniques of verbal and visual art.

LensCulture review

Eva Vasilyeva is a talented photographer with high aesthetic criteria and a restless spirit. Eva’s series is excellent in every way and, believe me, I have said this only a few times. Images have high technical and artistic quality, the atmosphere is unique, diptychs are successfully structured, and conceptually there is more than one interpretive level. The personal character of her work is obvious and becomes its most crucial feature increasing its authenticity.

Eva has the gift, the intuition, and the knowledge to create a remarkable personal work and make it widely known if she continues shooting with the same passion, leave herself to be visible in her work (I speak metaphorically), and continue to invest in storytelling as regards the building of series. Overall, my engagement with Eva’s work was an exciting and pleasant experience. Be sure that I will show her project to my students for many reasons. I wish Eva Vasilyeva good luck, and I’m looking forward to seeing more from her in the future.

Mob / WhatsApp : +33 610 76 38 89
Instagram @eva.vasilyeva